Current projects

The following projects are currently ongoing:

  • Implementaion of the NeC standard for supply of aggregate material and transport services, including pilot projects.
  • Establishment of a PEPPOL access Point (AP) and registry (SMP), including pilot projects.

Completed projects

  • Standardization of processes, information model and messages for supply of construction products to a work site (e-Build Supply and e-Build Label)
  • A prestudy of a common portal for finding and evaluating buyers and suppliers in the Construction sector
  • A prestudy of the Communication infrastructure PEPPOL
  • Standardization of processes, information model and messages for civil engineering transports of aggregate materials (NeC).
  • Standardisation of information flow when renting equipment, Nordic Rental.
  • Standard for periodic invoicing, SMSI Periodic invoice.
  • Common terminology catalogue.
  • XML version of messages in Nordic eBuilding.
  • Pilot study on deviation handling.
  • Nordic project, including pilot project resulting in the Nordic eBuilding standard.
  • UNSPSC, where we submitted a number of contributions as proposals for classification within construction materials, rental equipment and PHS items.
  • The e-invoice project, where we produced a simplified standard message for e-invoice and SMSI Simplified construction invoice, as well as a recommendation for how e-invoices should be handled.
  • The process project, where we produced a standardised description of how the process should work for e-commerce in the construction industry.
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