BEAst Label

About the standard

BEAst Label is a standard for marking supplies to construction sites with barcode labels. The purpose is to improve the internal logistics on sites and make sure that a package can be directly placed on the position where the material will be used. All goods distributed to a contractor or sub contractor should be marked with the label.

The label is tested during 2013 with very promising results. It ensures that construction workers can focus on their main activiteies and not spend time with searching for goods or moving packages. It has also showed that waste and damages can be reduced drastically.

BEAst Label is closely connected to the order message in the BEAst Supply standard. That order message include the data that are needed on the label. This means that labels and EDI communication must be implemented together.


For companies implementing support for BEAst Label there is a manual and a technical specification for support.

Manual for a deeper understanding and implementaion guideline: BEAst-Label_Manual_en_v1 03

The Technical specification provide most information that is needed for implementation: BEAst Label_Technical specification_v1 1

There is a guide for mapping between the order message and the data fields of BEAst Label:Mapping order – label_english version

Levels in labelling

An important part of the label are the destination fields where it clearly in large letters specifies the position on the construction site where the package is to be delivered. It is designed to make sure that the position can be read om distance, for example by a truck driver without leaving his truck.

In order to cover all typical cases BEAst Label is available in two base versions, one with seven destination fields and one with eight, where the version with seven is the most frequently used. The first destination field, Loading, is a required data, while the other six or seven is used according to current needs.

There are four versions of the label:

BEAst Label A: that should be used on palletised goods. It should be applied in two copies and on two sides of the label.

BEAst Label B: that should be applied on each package that is not a pallet. It should be applied on each package or carton on a pallet and on all cartons that is packaged inside another carton.

BEAst Label C: is an additional list of content and is normally used together with BEAst Label B. It should never exist alone on a package.

BEAst Label D: that should be used as a product label with completing information in case there is a need to complete the label of the manufacturer.

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