Delivery schedule

About the business transaction

The message is sent from the customer, e.g. a construction and civil engineering company, to a supplier of transport or machine services or aggregate material.

The function is to provide delivery schedules for coming assignments over a certain period of time and based on a business contract between the parties. A new delivery schedule replaces the last.

Example of information in the message are quantities, articles, delivery period and references.

Download of standard

The standard message is documented in different types of documents. The first part is a data model, called business transaction, that provide a description of the message and its content. It har users as the primary target group.

Part 2-3 are XML specifications that have personell that will implement the standard as the primary target group. Current version is 3.0.1 from 1 February 2019.

Following documents are available for the standard:

1. Documentation of business transactions

a. Business document Summary, providing a list of the message content: Business Document Summary BEAst Supply Delivery Schedule.
b. Business document Specification, also including definitions, comments and codes: Business Document Specification BEAst Supply Delivery Schedule.

3. Execution file

XML Schema, rules and syntax for the delivery schedule: BEAst Supply Delivery Schedule.

4. Test file

XML test file for the delivery Schedule: Example BEAst Supply Delivery Schedule.

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