Waste report

About the business transaction

The ”Waste report” message is sent between parties involved in handling of masses, waste and dangerous waste related to construction projects. Parties involved are different kinds of contractors, transport companies and those who receive and handle masses and waste.

The function is to provide an efficient and paper less handling of the process where involved parties can work digitally and share and distribute the document between them. It also open up for digital archiving.

Example of message content are identification of parties involved, their signaturs (if needed), weight transported, type of masses or waste and if the handling concerns dangerous waste. The message fullfill legal requirement according to Swedish law (Avfallsförordning 2011:927) and EU regulations for transport documents when sending dangerous waste.

Download of standard

The standard message is documented in different types of documents. The first part is a data model, called business transaction, that provide a description of the message and its content. It har users as the primary target group. The standard message was published in ver 2.0.1 in February 2019.

Part 2-3 are XML specifications that have personell that will implement the standard as the primary target group.

Following documents are available for the standard:

1. Documentation of business transactions

a. Business document Summary, providing a list of the message content: Business Document Summary BEAst NeC Waste Report.

b. Business document Specification, also including definitions, comments and codes: Business Document Specification BEAst NeC Waste Report.

3. Execution file

XML Schema, rules and syntax for the Waste report: BEAst Supply NeC Waste report.

4. Test file

XML test file for the Waste report message: Example BEAst Supply NeC Waste Report.

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