BEAst Supply Material

Deliveries to construction sites

The standard consists of a process description and a number of standard messages to be used for deliveries of construction material that are to be supplied to a construction site. An important complement to BEAst Supply Material is the standardized package label BEAst Label.

With this as a basis it is possible to address the condistions for Supply Chain Management – SCM – in the construction sector.

Some of the results from the development project e.g. the process description are yet only available in Swedish, see the Swedish version of this site.

An important part of the standard is the message guidelines. The BEAst Supply standard consists of the following messages:

  • Catalogue that is article and price information that is sent from the supplier to their customers. It is the same message that is used in the BEAst Trade standard. Message specification,content description and examples can be downloaded from this page.
  • Delivery schedule to provide suppliers with forcasts of deliveries for the coming period of time. The message is also a part of the BEAst  Trade and NeC standards.
  • Purchase order that is sent by the customer to the supplier which includes destination addresses for the package label BEAst Label.
  • Order confirmation is the response back to the customer.
  • Despatch advice is sent by the supplier when the goods is ready for despatch in order to provide a specification of the content.
  • Transport status report is sent by the transport provider to report delivery status or deviations.
  • It is the same invoice message for this process as it is for other kind of construction material and service; BEAst Invoice message.

Messages for purchase order, order confirmation and despatch advice are based on the BEAst Trade standard, but partly different in order to cover the need for supplies to a construction site.


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