Despatch advice

Electronic delivery notification

Upon delivery of the ordered and confirmed articles, the rental Company creates a despatch advice, i.e. an electronic delivery note containing the exact delivery details. This acts as an update of the order confirmation, with details of what will actually be delivered. Using the information in the delivery notification, rational receipt of goods and registration of receipt is made possible. A further aim of the delivery notification is to update the contractors business system with the precise details so that invoice matching can be carried out more rationally.


Following standard documents are available.

1. Business document that is a specification of the content.
a) An overview of the content: Business Document Summary BEAst Rental Despatch Advice.
b) A detailed content specification: Business Document Specification BEAst Rental Despatch Advice.

2. Execution file as an XML schema: BEAst Supply Rental Despatch advice.

3. Test file: Example BEAst Supply Rental Despatch advice.

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