Code lists

This page contains code lists that are part of BEAst different standard messages. A codelist is part of one or more standard message and also published in message descriptions and specifications. In order to make update in systems easier we have also made XML versions of each code list and these are published below at this page.

Term T6019 Delivery function codes: Code list T6019 DeliveryFunctionCode

Term T6104 Step calculation codes: Code list T6104 StepCalculation

Term T6130 Transport stage codes: Code list T6130 TransportStage

Term T6131 Transport modes codes: Code list T6131 TransportMode

Term T6343 Unloading instruction codes: Code list T6343 UnloadingInstructionCode

Term T6345 Vehicle attribute codes: Code list T6345 VehicleAttributCode

Term T6366 Notification channel codes: Code list T6366 NotificationChannel

Term T6706 Message unit type codes: Code list T6706 MeasureUnitNeBType

Term T6707 Tax base codes: Code list T6707 TaxBaseTypeNeB

Term T6708 Tax category codes: Code list T6708 TaxCategoryNeBType

Term T6710 Terms of delivery codes: Code list T6710 TermsOfDeliveryNeB

Term T 6719 Special services description codes: Code list T6719 SpecialServiceDescriptionCode

Term T6720 Price type codes: Code list T6720 PriceTypeCode

Term T6721 Price specification codes: Code list T6721 PriceSpecificationCode

Term T6723 Incoterms version codes: Code list T6723 IncotermsVersion

Term T6724 Delivery status codes: Code list T6724 DeliveryStatusCode

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