BEAst Invoice ver 2.0

Standard invoice

This is where you can find information on the BEAst Invoice message, version 2.0.0..

1. Documentation of content

The documents specifies the content in the standard invioice message.

a. BEAst Invoice Business Document Summary. The document provides an overview of the content: BEAst_Invoice_Business_Document_Summary

b. BEAst Invoice Business Document Specification. This document is a detailed specification of the content: BEAst_Invoice_Business_Document_Specification

2. Documentation of the XML message

a. BEAst Invoice XML Structure: BEAst_Invoice_XML_Structure

b. BEAst Invoice XML Guideline: BEAst_Invoice_XML_Guideline

3. Execution files for XML

a. BEAst Invoice Schema: BEAst Invoice

b. BEAst Invoice additional Schema: BEAst_Invoice_urn_BEAst_sddb_2

4. Test file XML

a. BEAst Invoice XML test file: BEAst Invoice

5. Changes from previous version

a. Change log: BEAst Invoice (SMSI) changelog

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