SMSI Construction invoice ver 1.2.3

Standard invoicing for the construction industry

This is where you can find information on the message SMSI Construction invoice. It is a simplified variant of the invoicing message in Nordic e-Building, but is sufficient for most requirements. The message is recommended by several leading companies in the industry. Version 1.2.3 and above also includes certain details for freight.

1. Guide.

a. Implementation guide SMSI Construction Invoice. The documentet specifies the implementation that is recommended by NCC, Peab och Skanska

2. Documentation data model

The documents specifies the content in the standard invióice

a. NeB SMSI Construction Invoice Business Document Summary. The document provides an overview of the content.

b. NeB SMSI Construction Invoice Business Document Specification. This document is a detailed specification of the content.

3. Documentation of the EDIFACT message

a. SMSi Construction Invoice, INVOIC message

4. Documentation of the XML message

a. NeB SMSI Construction Invoice XML Structure

b. NeB SMSI Construction Invoice XML Guidelines

5. Execution files for XML

a. SMSI_Byggfaktura.xsd

b. SMSI_Byggfaktura urn_Nordicebuilding_sdd_2.xsd

6. Test file XML

a. SMSI Byggfaktura testfil.xml

7. Changes that has been done

a. Change log

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