Project information

List with information on the project

The purchaser creates a gross list with information on all projects. The message is sent at certain times; e.g. once per day or once per week, to the suppliers and sub-contractors concerned. Larger suppliers with automated systems which are able to deal with the information will receive a message which automatically updates their system. Smaller suppliers with no individual system requirements obtain the project information from a portal where it can be downloaded.


Following standard documents are available.

1. Business document that is a specification of he content

a) The document provides an overview of the content: Projectlist_Summary

b) The document provides a detailed specification of the content: Projectlist_Specification

2. Technical documentation of XML files

a) XML Structure is a listing of the message content based on the XML tags: Projectlist_XML_Structure

b) XML Guideline also including definitions, comments and codes: Projectlist_XML_Guideline

3. Execution files as an XML schema

a) XML Schema, rules and syntax for the Project message: Projektlista

b) Completing XML schema: Projektlista

4. Test file

XML test file for the Project message: Projektlista

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